Care : Ceramic / Porcelain

We suggest treating all handmade ceramic and porcelain with care to keep it free from knocks, chips and scratches, so that it can be cherished and used for a lifetime or more.

The main difference between ceramic and porcelain is that a porcelain is denser and less porous than a ceramic. Unless otherwise stated, porcelain items are microwave and dishwasher safe. Please refer to the item description for more detail.

We recommend hand-washing all handmade ceramic with a soft sponge. Water and other liquids permeate works of clay much easier than those of porcelain. To avoid stains, we recommend not leaving liquids in any piece for long periods of time.

If not properly dried, unglazed areas can develop mildew, especially in times of high humidity. In such cases, soak the piece overnight in water and a capful of bleach. Repeat if necessary. When clean, soak again in water overnight and allow to dry thoroughly.

In general, large stacks of ceramic or porcelain can be heavy. We recommend using pieces of felt or fabric between them to avoid scratching.

Variation in glaze color, size, and finish exemplifies the hands-on process used to create each vessel. These characteristics should not be considered flaws, but reflect the inherent beauty and unique quality of each piece.

  • All items are non-toxic and lead free
  • Do not broil or place on a stovetop burner
  • Do not store in freezer
  • Do not use harsh scrub pads to clean as they can scratch the surface